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Basingstoke Police Neighbourhood News 26/03/2020

Your local Neighbourhood Police Team has been out and about over the last few days, I am sure many of you would have seen or spoken to us. We like you – have entered a very uncertain time with this pandemic and like you, we have a role to play in this. Please make yourselves aware of what the government have stated – this link will assist


We will continue to patrol in earnest that everyone plays their part by staying at home where possible apart from the few exclusions.

We have sadly come across pockets of young people in various areas around Basingstoke and Deane who are not complying with the restrictions and may be helping the spread of this awful virus. To parents and carers – please ensure that your child(ren) understand the importance of staying home, not going to their friends house or hanging around in groups in public areas. This will be a difficult time for you and them, but it simply is unforgivable that the legislation to protect us all is being ignored. Take advantage of the many ways they can contact each other – video calling – this can be done on many platforms as well as in some cases multiple people on one video call!

It is also great to see that the majority are being amazing! The community spirit is overwhelming and you are all pulling together helping where you can and observing the restrictions. This is a great town with a wonderful spirit.

There will be some changes in the way we operate, many of these around reducing contact and observing the restrictions placed on all of us for our own protection. We will of course in an emergency using the 999 system respond accordingly, alike any serious matters. We will however try where possible to resolve issues in other ways where the opportunity exists, without a face to face visit.

Please still be mindful of some of the many scams that are doing the rounds, these vary from text messages which appear to be from a reputable company asking you to click a link or reply to the text – my advice is do not respond or click the link, if you think the company in question genuinely wishes to speak to you – use the number for the company which you have and phone them. Treat emails the same way. Never give any private details to anyone on the phone or online, especially PIN numbers and alike. There are sadly people who will try and take advantage of the situation to obtain either your details or money from you.

I saw a post on social media today which simply read –

I am STUCK at home
I am SAFE at home

Amazing the power of thought. Take care and look after each other,

PS Trevor Taylor