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Coronavirus Update – Nisa Sunwood Drive

To safeguard the wellbeing of colleagues and customers using our shop we will be making some changes to the way that we operate:

  • Social distancing, we will limit the amount of customers in the store to 2 at one time. Please wait outside to be called in. 
  • We will close the shop during replenishment when needed in order for us to fill the shop as quickly as possible for you.
  • Whilst the shop is closed we will be using this opportunity to clean down all areas of the shop that are appropriate.
  • The opening hours of the shop will move to 8AM – 8 PM.
  • Please attempt to pay by card as often as possible to minimise contact.

Email & Collect Service

We will also be launching a temporary Email and collect service with details can be found by contacting the below on email. This will be a card only service and no cash will be accepted.


Thank you for your Co-operation at this difficult time.
Nisa Sunwood Drive