Changes to grey bin waste collection from 20th April 2020

BDBC are appealing to people to safely share important information from the council on how to receive help and support and details of changes to services during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Please safely pass on information to anyone who is not online and lives in the borough like a neighbour, friend or family member, by calling or telling them, keeping within the social distancing guidance.

This includes important changes to the frequency of grey bin waste collections in the borough from Monday 20 April. This temporary change will mean green bin collections will stay the same and grey waste bins will be collected fortnightly on the alternate week.

Key points to pass on are:

  • this is a temporary change
  • if you have a grey 140 litre waste bin you can leave out two additional bags for collection
  • if you have a large grey 240 litre waste bin no additional bags will be taken
  • if you have a large family you can apply for an additional bin if you do not already have one
  • assisted collections will continue
  • clinical waste collections will continue
  • recycling and glass collections will continue as normal
  • please recycle as much as you can
  • start looking at how much waste you throw away and how you can reduce this by buying differently
  • start squashing your waste, like yoghurt pots, to maximise the capacity of your grey bin.

For more information on the changes and frequently asked questions visit

Basingstoke Police Neighbourhood News 26/03/2020

Your local Neighbourhood Police Team has been out and about over the last few days, I am sure many of you would have seen or spoken to us. We like you – have entered a very uncertain time with this pandemic and like you, we have a role to play in this. Please make yourselves aware of what the government have stated – this link will assist

We will continue to patrol in earnest that everyone plays their part by staying at home where possible apart from the few exclusions.

We have sadly come across pockets of young people in various areas around Basingstoke and Deane who are not complying with the restrictions and may be helping the spread of this awful virus. To parents and carers – please ensure that your child(ren) understand the importance of staying home, not going to their friends house or hanging around in groups in public areas. This will be a difficult time for you and them, but it simply is unforgivable that the legislation to protect us all is being ignored. Take advantage of the many ways they can contact each other – video calling – this can be done on many platforms as well as in some cases multiple people on one video call!

It is also great to see that the majority are being amazing! The community spirit is overwhelming and you are all pulling together helping where you can and observing the restrictions. This is a great town with a wonderful spirit.

There will be some changes in the way we operate, many of these around reducing contact and observing the restrictions placed on all of us for our own protection. We will of course in an emergency using the 999 system respond accordingly, alike any serious matters. We will however try where possible to resolve issues in other ways where the opportunity exists, without a face to face visit.

Please still be mindful of some of the many scams that are doing the rounds, these vary from text messages which appear to be from a reputable company asking you to click a link or reply to the text – my advice is do not respond or click the link, if you think the company in question genuinely wishes to speak to you – use the number for the company which you have and phone them. Treat emails the same way. Never give any private details to anyone on the phone or online, especially PIN numbers and alike. There are sadly people who will try and take advantage of the situation to obtain either your details or money from you.

I saw a post on social media today which simply read –

I am STUCK at home
I am SAFE at home

Amazing the power of thought. Take care and look after each other,

PS Trevor Taylor

Coronavirus Update – Nisa Sunwood Drive

To safeguard the wellbeing of colleagues and customers using our shop we will be making some changes to the way that we operate:

  • Social distancing, we will limit the amount of customers in the store to 2 at one time. Please wait outside to be called in. 
  • We will close the shop during replenishment when needed in order for us to fill the shop as quickly as possible for you.
  • Whilst the shop is closed we will be using this opportunity to clean down all areas of the shop that are appropriate.
  • The opening hours of the shop will move to 8AM – 8 PM.
  • Please attempt to pay by card as often as possible to minimise contact.

Email & Collect Service

We will also be launching a temporary Email and collect service with details can be found by contacting the below on email. This will be a card only service and no cash will be accepted.

Thank you for your Co-operation at this difficult time.
Nisa Sunwood Drive

Hampshire Alert Update

Hello and welcome to your latest Community Update.

Signs of spring are starting to appear, let’s hope the weather starts improving soon too. I am sending out this Hampshire Alert to bring to your attention a slight increase we’ve seen in theft from sheds (burglaries) within the town centre, it appears that outer buildings are being targeted i.e. sheds, outhouses, summer houses and garages. This is only a handful of offences but we wanted to bring this to your attention so residents can put the appropriate measures in place to secure their properties.

Please can you ensure that you are securing your back gardens, locking your sheds and securing your belongings inside your sheds/garages? We would recommend that you move any valuables, where possible into a more secure building.

Do not leave bins outside fences where people can easily use these to jump over into your properties, use flood lighting and CCTV where possible as these will assist in deterring people.

If you witness this kind of activity or have any CCTV/video footage then please call 101 or use the online reporting tool on and your assistance in this is most appreciated.

Don’t forget to register with your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme at where you can cut crime, help and reassure those in your area, encourage closer communities and receive further updates of what’s going on in your area.

Please follow our Facebook page for local news and updates, requests for information from you and important posts from our partners. You can follow us at

To report crime or suspicious activity, call us on 101 or report it online by going to  You can also report it anonymously to Crime Stoppers instead of the police, on 0800 555111.