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SPPC Speedwatch – Summer 2020 Update

The lock down caused by Covid 19, has led to a reduction in the overall traffic flowing through the Parish and subsequently a reduction in the number of vehicles travelling through at an inconsiderate speed.

As the lock down restrictions are eased, the overall traffic will again start to rise, but obviously as the summer approaches will, still remain at reasonable levels.

This Summer, the Parish Council will be running a Speed Awareness programme which will comprise of two elements.

  1. Siting the speed awareness indicator sign in various locations around the parish, this is with the help of Parish residents who are willing to have the equipment sited on their property for short periods of time. No vehicle details will be kept, this is just to raise awareness that speed levels are being monitored.
  2. At other times in the Summer, at various locations , at various times, formal Speed Watch exercises will be held, where car details will be recorded and forwarded to the relevant authorities.

We will be reporting back the outcomes of these exercises and look forward to your ongoing support as we continue to ensure that Sherfield Park remains a great place to live!