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Toads on Roads

Toads are starting to move to their breeding ponds, but unfortunately for some there are busy roads to cross in their journey. This little chap was lucky as it was a fairly quiet stretch when he was found crossing tonight. Others won’t be so lucky. Toad numbers in the UK have dropped by as much as 68% over the last thirty years and need a helping hand to cross our busier and busier roads.

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Amphibian and Reptile Group are coordinating volunteers at these crossings, usually between 6pm and 8.30pm every night when weather conditions are favourable to toads – roughly 8c+ and damp.

In this area there are two crossings near Basingstoke and a couple of crossings near Hook. The Basingstoke crossings are at Cufaude Lane and Wildmoor Lane, so if anyone in the Sherfield Park/Sherfield on Loddon area would like to help please contact pete.west.hiwarg@gmail.com or visit their Facebook group for updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/455730808110700/

Every person helping makes a huge difference.

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