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Use Water Sparingly in High Temperatures

Plea from South East Water to use water sparingly as temperatures continue to soar.  Tips on how to conserve water are;

  • Let nature water your grass: Allow lawns to go brown – it will soon go green again when it rains
  • Save paddling pool water: Top-up and reuse paddling pool water for your plants and grass
  • Put down the garden hose: Use watering cans for lawns, plants and flower beds, instead of garden hoses
  • Running taps are wasteful: Don’t let taps run when brushing your teeth – turn them off
  • Take shorter showers: Knocking a minute or two off to take shorter four minute showers
  • Fill your dishwasher before you use it: Don’t use your dishwasher until it is full and save water and energy
  • Wash your car less frequently: It’s a small change that will make a big difference for everyone.