Council Members

Councillor: Chair Policy & Personnel Committee, member of Planning, Finance and Open Spaces

Sally Palmer

I moved to Sherfield Park with my husband in 2009 and we stayed until 2012/13 when we moved overseas with my husbands work. We returned to England in 2020 not knowing whether we’d return to our home in Sherfield Park as so much time had passed, and we didn’t know if we’d feel the same about the place, which had grown significantly in our absence! What we found was Sherfield Park had become a vibrant and thriving community.
I am incredibly grateful to our neighbourhood for the warm welcome we received, and I believe it is this that makes our community special and a great place to live. With this in mind I want to use the skills I acquired from many years in university management and those I gained overseas living in different communities to work alongside my fellow councillors and you to enhance the place we collectively call home.