Local Services

Local Services


  • Housing, planning, town council management of Basingstoke, sports and leisure facilities, parks and open spaces (including the playing fields at Sherfield Park)
  • Refuse collection/recycling and “the tip”, collection of council tax and business rates
  • Elections for all layers: Parish, Borough, County, MPs and EU MEPs, Police Crime Commissioner, licensing of premises, alcohol, taxis, food hygiene
  • Burial grounds and crematoria, bus services (HCC), adult services in conjunction with HCC, and grants to local organisations

Bin Collection Information

Planning Enforcement

Based in Winchester, Hampshire County Council has a much wider role and is made up of borough and district councils across Hampshire, including the Isle of Wight.

Their main responsibilities are:

  • Roads – infrastructure, resurfacing, pot holes and also pavements, schools and further education, parks and open spaces
  • Police and other emergency Services
  • Street lighting, historic buildings, libraries, footways and bridleways, adult and children services

The SPCA leases the Community Centre from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council for a peppercorn rent and is responsible for the management of the community centre. The Community Centre is used for a variety of purposes including youth club, meetings, various classes and private bookings. Outside trips and events are also organised for the benefit of the community. The Centre is self-funding.

The development has not been fully adopted by B&DBC. Croudace have remedial works done to be completed to the satisfaction of the Borough before they will adopt/take over. HCC will eventually take over the responsibility for the Highways/Paths and lighting.