An update from BDBC

Grass cutting during the pandemic

Our grounds maintenance team has been working hard to meet its grass cutting schedule.

It has been a challenging time for all of the operations staff who have continued to carry out their duties while facing reduced staffing through shielding and self-isolation following the coronavirus outbreak.

Most of the team cannot work from home and have had to make some big adjustments to their working day. This includes covering other areas in the service, such as the cemetery or fly-tipping, and applying social distancing to their daily routines and work practices, such as the depot they work out of or the number of staff able to work or travel together.

Following an initial break in grass cutting during the lockdown period, a focus on priority areas such as parks for exercise and verges for sight lines and new social distancing measures, the grounds maintenance team is behind in its usual cutting schedule compared to last year.

The delays are because they have had to make adjustments to working practices and ensure the safety of the team and the public comes first.

It takes approximately three weeks to complete a full round of mowing in the borough and the team is working hard to catch up and get back on schedule to ensure our borough remains a beautiful place to be proud of.

We are asking residents to remain patient and supportive as the team works to catch up during this challenging time.

Work under way on safe reopening of Basingstoke town centre

The government has announced plans for non-essential retailers to reopen stores from Monday 15 June.

We are working closely with Festival Place, The Malls and Basingstoke Together Business Improvement District to coordinate plans to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for shoppers in Basingstoke.

We will also provide support to other centres in the borough in areas such as Overton, Tadley and Whitchurch. Businesses are also being supported through signposting and advice on the measures they need to take in order to reopen.

To help with this work, we have been awarded £155,000 from the government to help with the costs of introducing safety measures for shoppers. Officers are currently considering how this funding can be best used.

Shoppers will be encouraged to support local businesses and to enjoy again what local shops have to offer while ensuring the safety of visitors, business owners and their staff.  A number of measures are being considered so that social distancing can be maintained. This includes walking on the left hand side of walkways in the town centre area, an increased cleaning schedule of public areas and extensive signage reminding shoppers what they need to do. Plans will be update as further guidance is issued by the Government.

Bulky waste and garden waste services to resume

Some waste and recycling services in Basingstoke and Deane are set to resume from next week as staffing levels begin to stabilise following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Bulky waste and garden waste collections services will be reintroduced in phases as part of a plan agreed with bin contractor Serco.

The staggered approach will see those services requiring the fewest staff brought back online first to ensure the existing waste, recycling and clinical waste services can be maintained for the duration of the pandemic.

Waste collections, which were reduced to a fortnightly collection on Monday 20 April and have the biggest impact on staffing, will remain on the current collection schedule until both the council and Serco are confident the weekly service can be sustained by the crews during the pandemic.

Bookings for the council’s bulky waste collection service will go live on Tuesday 26 May, with collections starting the following week. Residents can request a booking online here.

Deliveries of bins and glass containers to residents who have requested them, will also start from this date.

Following the suspension of the service in March, garden waste customers will see a return to their fortnightly collection service from mid-June. All existing customers will receive a letter advising them of the start date and information regarding the extension of their annual subscription. No new customers can be accepted to the service at this time but this will be reviewed.

Monitoring of the services and staffing numbers affected by self-isolation will continue to take place. If a reliable service cannot be maintained or if waste, recycling or clinical waste services are affected, these services could be suspended again.

For more information on the services and frequently asked questions click here.

Message from the Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane: VE Day 75 Anniversary Celebrations (Friday 8 May 2020)

Good Afternoon

We are approaching our special Bank Holiday, 8th May – a day to start the celebrations of a great victory 75 years ago when the war in Europe was finally and officially over.

It was a day that had been hard to envisage as the war took its course. As we look at those war years in retrospect, we view them with the knowledge that the conflict lasted for six years. However, for the people who lived, worked and fought through those times they might have been facing decades of conflict, they might have been facing defeat, they might have been facing a dark future in which all that they knew and loved might be gone.

The spirit of hope that remained alive throughout those years is truly remarkable. It was fuelled by the political, spiritual and military leaders of the day and, of course, by King George VI, a veteran of the First World War who, with Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother), became a figurehead, visiting factories, hospitals and bombed areas and visiting troops abroad.  The speech that he gave, with his customary difficulty, 75 years ago on Victory in Europe Day still inspires us today:

“… let us think what it was that has upheld us through nearly six years of suffering and peril.  The knowledge that everything was at stake: our freedom, our independence, our very existence as a people; but the knowledge also that in defending ourselves we were defending the liberties of the whole world; that our cause was the cause not of this nation only, not of this Empire and Commonwealth only, but of every land where freedom is cherished and law and liberty go hand in hand…… We did not fail.  We kept faith with ourselves and with one another, we kept faith and unity with our great allies. That faith, that unity have carried us to victory through dangers which at times seemed overwhelming.”

One of the unique phrases that he uses is “proud sorrow”.  For me, that phrase resounds again as I think of the frontline NHS and care staff who have lost their lives during our current, very different, conflict.  I am so proud of them, but so intensely sad that they made the ultimate sacrifice as they tried to save others. Their profession is a truly noble calling, and that fact has never been more evident than in our current crisis.

We can’t gather together as planned in celebration of VE Day’s special anniversary today, but let’s find our own ways to mark the occasion.  We can join the nation in a two-minute silence at 11am to remember a generation’s immense sacrifice, followed by a celebratory toast at 3pm to honour a great victory that brought us the amazing privileges and freedoms that we enjoy today.

We shall be marking the VE Day 75 through a number of videos on the Mayoral and borough council social media channels, including Facebook @BasingstokeMayor and Twitter @BasingMayor throughout the day.

For the schedule of virtual events click here.

Please stay safe and reduce the spread of Covid-19 by staying at home and finding your own special way of marking this anniversary.


Cllr Diane Taylor
The Mayor of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council
Tel: 01256 844844

Crime Update from Basingstoke Police

Over the last few days there has been a small rise in crimes committed mainly overnight, which include theft from motor vehicle, burglary and thefts from sheds and alike. While the amount is still fairly low overall, I just wanted to bring this to your attention with a view to working together and providing you with information on what we are doing. All crime must begin with some form of prevention, in order that the location is not desirable by any offender in the first place. Some really simple steps can be taken by you to help prevent or deter any would-be offenders.

Keep any smart keys as far away from the vehicle as possible or in a shield case to prevent the signal being interrupted or used to enter your keyless entry vehicles. Remove any item inside the vehicle or from sight where possible to stop the temptation from thieves. Believe it or not many vehicles that have had items stolen from have been left unlocked overnight, it’s an easy oversight with our busy lives and car sharing – it may be helpful to have an evening routine of checking before you go to bed. Many of the thefts are by opportunist thieves who try door handles while out walking about.

The impression that someone is always home is one of the greatest deterrents, along with again as with vehicles locking all of your doors and removing the keys.

Outbuilding & Sheds
Good quality locks and interior scream alarms can be some really simple fixes.

What are we the police doing.
At present these types of crime have no specific pattern as such and the areas in which they are occurring are also varied. Although this rise is only less than a week old I have asked PC Andy White 25308 to own and monitor.
We are aware that many of you have either called us or commented on social media the fact that you have CCTV from your home systems. I would be most grateful if you could pass any clips to Andy to his email –

Many of these are people walking around at night, some trying door handles with others looking as if they may be up to no good. We would also ask as not to jeopardise any potential future investigations my sending out your own social media clips to the wider public. By doing so can interfere with subsequent identification procedures, target the wrong suspects and generally has a very detrimental effect on any investigation. What you think may be a good idea could actually end up preventing a prosecution. We will do this work only when it is necessary and proportionate in those individual circumstances.

We will target hotspot areas at the times the offences are believed to be taking place based on our analytical studies and other proactive work. Should you happen across any information regarding these matters please email Andy direct, if you wish to report any new crimes or matters please use the normal online reporting, 101 for non-emergencies or 999 in an emergency.

In more rural locations there has been a rise in thefts of quad bike and ATV’s. Please ensure that these are locked and secured out of sight and if you are offered one well below what would be the real value then be suspicious that it may be stolen.

PC Will Butcher from our rural Country Watch Team is leading on this series and he can be emailed here on

We will do our best to keep you updated where we can on any developments, in line with any restrictions we have with ongoing investigations. The reference number for this matter is 4400156999.

Sergeant Trevor Taylor
Basingstoke Neighbourhood Team

Household Waste Recycling Centres to reopen

Hampshire County Council has said that preparations are underway to safely reopen household waste recycling centres in the week commencing 11 May.

This date is subject to further guidance expected from the government next week on travel to a household waste recycling centre during the COVID-19 outbreak. The household waste recycling centres were temporarily closed at the end of March following the government’s announcement that people should stay at home to protect the NHS and prevent the spread of Coronavirus, and only travel for very limited and specific reasons.

More information can be found here.

Notice of Temporary Road Closure


Notice is hereby given that Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council pursuant to arrangements made under Section 101 of the Local Government Act 1972 with Hampshire County Council in exercise of the powers of the said County Council and in exercise of the powers under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 (“the Act”), and of all other enabling powers, proposes to make the following Order:-

Reason for Order: The Council are satisfied that traffic on the road should be restricted or prohibited because works are being or are proposed to be executed on or near the road.

Effect of Order:  All traffic will be prohibited from travelling along Cufaude Lane, Bramley, from the junction with Sherfield Road to a point 650m in a southerly direction, as directed by traffic signs.  The closure is to allow OpenReach works for new customer connection.

Duration of Order: The order will come into effect on 11 May 2020 for 3 months.

(Notwithstanding the above it is expected the closure will be for 3 days only between the hours of 09:30am to 15:30pm)

Alternative Route:  Sherfield Road, Bramley Road, A33, Thornhill Way, Bowman Road or by this route reversed.

If you have any queries regarding the above please contact Tom Drake on 03700 500 792 or email at on behalf of Aplant Lux. Plans are also available on the website here.

On behalf of Shared Legal Services

The Chineham Hub

The Chineham Hub is now live and will be offering food shopping, prescription collection, and food parcels, primarily covering Chineham, Popley and Oakridge. Please share these details if you know of a vulnerable individual living in  these areas who might need some help at home.